Rolfing® SI is a specific bodywork, that aims to restore harmony, balance and a general sense of well-being throughout the entire body. There are three fundamental elements integrally combined: a specific yet pleasant touch, self-perception and reeducation of new healthy movement patterns.
The method was developed in the United States by Dr. Ida Rolf, who was the first to consider the relationship between gravity and the harmonious functioning of the human body. Dr. Rolf included these concepts in her treatments.
Structural Integration, now known as Rolfing® SI, is a manual treatment aimed at releasing physical tension, in order to restore the natural alignment that we identify with ideal posture. The result is a feeling of greater confidence and comfort in your body.
Together with your Rolfer you will explore the infinite resources and possibilities to best express your body-mind potential and to regain greater elasticity, fluidity, lightness, security and psychophysical harmony.

Rolfing® SI is aimed at every person interested in searching a new well-being, it’s a good method for prevention, maintenance and support in a wide range of structural and functional problems connected to the spine and to the musculoskeletal system.

It provides excellent support for improving painful conditions of lower-back pain, neck pain, sciatica, scoliosis, arthrosis, headache, joint and general muscle pains.

It is very useful for reducing stress symptoms such as breathing imbalances, hypertonicity, chronic neck and back pain, anxiety, fibromyalgia, as well as headaches.

It is suitable for sport performers, musicians, dancers, computer operators and for all those whohave muscle contractures and chronic pain, due to repetitive movements or unnatural postures. It is useful for optimizing athletic and artistic performance.

It helps the elderly to regain greater fluidity and elasticity, reducing significantly
the restrictions of movement due to age. Your joints will be freer and your range of motion will increase significantly, giving a new sense of strength, flexibility, safety and confidence in your body.

Rolfing is a great support for children and adolescents in their growth process, it helps rebalancing postural vices and/or misalignments and educates young people to a more correct use of their body.


It is a valid support for women in the post-pregnancy period, it facilitates postpartum postural reallignment and helps to release tensions due to breastfeeding and loading postures.

In addition to being a manual treatment, it is also an educational process that stimulates the perception of your body and improves awareness of your regular movements in everyday life.

The traditional protocol of Rolfing © S.I. was codified by Dr. Rolf in a cycle of ten sessions. The sessions are organized in a consequential way, a real project, tailor made for every individual.

Each session begins with a postural evaluation followed by a manual treatment. The goal is to free, stretch, relax and restore your body tissues, from the most external body layers gradually into the deep layers, until you get a new sense of comfort in the body and a more harmonious, aware and efficient psychomotoric organization.

The quality of touch applied throughout the Rolfing sessions is sensitive, slow, gradual and helps to release the restrictions that are established in the connective tissue (fascia).
The fascia was defined by Dr.Ida Rolf as the "organ of the shape". Once you release the unnormal tensions, the plasticity of this tissue allows the body to modify its shape and find a new healthy alignment. Without effort, you will experience a new sense of stability, flexibility and safety.