Other techniques

A pampering anti-stress massage performed with a precious blend of St. John's wort, lavender, calendula, chamomile and galium herbal oil. These herbs have been carefully selected at the peak of their energy level and macerated into organic grape seed oil. The essential power of this herbal blend combined with the fluid manuality, will release tensions, drain excess of water, eliminate toxins and rebalance your psychophysical and energetic state.

Cupping is a method which was traditionally used by the ancient Greeks since the time of Hippocrates and in ancient China.
It consists in the application of warm glass cups directly on the skin. The suction created by the vacuum of the cups, stimulates an increase of blood and lymphatic circulation, promoting detoxification in the body tissues and releasing densities and stickiness in the connective tissue. Painful conditions and limitations of movement will recover dramatically.

Sound Meditation relaxes mind and body and facilitates a deep reconnection with yourself.
The powerful sound waves of specific tubular bells resonate with the brain waves, harmonizing thoughts, circulation of fluids and breathing patterns.
Sound meditation helps widening your perspective and guides you towards a new, detached and neutral attitude.

Nordic Walking is a dynamic walk carried out with special poles, quite similarly to cross-country skiing. This precisely codified technique naturally involves about 90% of the body musculature, without ever putting the muscles under excessive strain.
The goal of this technique is to distribute physical effort among the whole body and, at the same time, ensure a better coordination and relation with gravity.
The basic technique, when taught by a certified Nordic Walking instructor, can be learned in 3 lessons.
It is practiced outdoors by people of all ages, from children to adolescents, from adults to elders. It  can be practiced anywhere, in the hills, the seaside, woods and any small green area in the city, without any need for a trainer.
Over the years Nordic Walking has been successfully included in the medical-physiotherapy-rehabilitation field for obesity, diabetes, collesterol, heart diseases, post-surgery care, essential tremor and Parkinson's disease.

The Fascia-ReleaZer® is a self-help tool in fine wood. It has a vibrational mechanism incorporated at the inside. Through the alternate application of pressure and release in various parts of the body, it is possible to soften the hardened, thickened fascia and gain more elasticity. The increase of blood circulation stimulates the transport of nutriention to the cells and simultaneously carries away the waste from the cells. Using the Fascia-ReleaZer®, it is possible to positively stimulate the sensory receptors as well as the production of lubricant matrix in the fascia. This will regenerate the tissues and improve elasticity and resilience.

BLACKROLL® is a self-help system made up of a series of rollers of various shapes and sizes, which improve the myofascial condition in various areas of the body. With little effort and simple exercises, you can increase the elasticity and resilience in your muscles and connective tissue. Exercising regularly, you can release muscle tensions and experience a new sense of flexibility and comfort.

The Inner Balance Transformation System is an innovative tecnological self-help tool, designed to improve your well-being and to reduce harmful effects of stress. A simple mental training program, downloadable on smartphone or tablet, interacts with a clip-on biofeedback device that measures your heart rate from your earlobe. Different visual options, combined with breathing patterns and positive thinking, create a coherence between heart and mind, all self-monitored by the biofeedback that constantly measures your heart rate modulations. With regular exercise, the nervous system becomes gradually more responsive, balancing the physiological functions and bringing you to a state of calmness and peace.