This page is dedicated to the life stories of people who have worked with me and would like to share their personal experiences …

“I immediately felt the benefits of the treatment. When I got up from the massage table, I felt taller, lighter and with higher concentration capacity”
SABRINA FERILLI, a famous italian actress, entrusts her wellbeing to ROLFING >>

“Rolfing taught me how to release my deepest tensions and manage my daily stress”
A neonatal resuscitator talks about the new quality of life that she has achieved through her experience with Rolfing,. During the cycle of treatments she reconnected to herself, finding the strength to transform her lifestyle and recover her psycho-physical well-being.

“Coming to peace with my essential tremor: my continuous shake was like an inner earthquake, extremely draining. Learning to coop with gravity helped me to regain new stability.”
A middle-aged woman describes her debilitating psychomotor disorder and how she slowly regained quality of life again. Rolfing and Gyrotonic are part of her regular routine to maintain stability, safety and fluidity.

“Respecting our spine is a constant practice. I have learned a new way to relate to my muscles, joints and bowels.”
A psychiatrist with a sedentary lifestyle and high level of stress talks about the reconquest of his vertical alignment and his new motion awareness throughout his experience with Rolfing.>>

“Finally I’m living harmoniously with my scoliosis. Thanks to the Rolfing sessions, from a certain point onwards, my pain disappeared. It happened slowly, I almost didn’t realise something had deeply shifted ”
A secretary refers about regaining comfort in her body. After years of back pain and stiffness, her pain and chronic fatigue syndrome disappeared, leaving her with a deep sense of overall well-being and new vital energy.>>

“Thanks to Rolfing I learned to be more present to myself and others”
An anesthesiologist describes how the gentle touch of Rolfing ispired his relationship with his own patients. In particular, he developed a much more delicate approach to their awakening phase. >>

“I felt stiff and nailed-down, now I feel flexible and agile”
A police officer talks about his improvements of stress management and regaining wider range of movement

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