My philosophy

I started my research due to a personal discomfort. After having been exposed to deep and prolonged emotional stress, I had developed a psychomotoric disorder, so I was searching ways to regain my own inner balance…

With time I started to accept that my symptom was not something negative, but rather a language my body was using to talk to me. In these years I realised that true healing goes far beyond the resolution of a symptom, it’s an opportunity for existential shifts. To live its full potential, we need to be courageous, go in depth, experiment what feels good for ourselves and what not, change lifestyle if needed, do daily exercise and mostly, love ourselves. Only in this way we can reach a new and true sense of well-being.

In my studies, I have paid particular attention to the profound impact that life events have on our posture and, in particular, on the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue. This tissue, also called fascia, is an incredible network of fibres that wraps, interpenetrates and interconnects all the musculoskeletal and visceral structures in our body. It is highly reactive to stress of various kinds and has an independent contractility. Its susceptibility and sensibility to neurochemical floodings is the main cause of many structural, functional and organic dysfunctions and of many painful conditions, for which medical-scientific research only recently found valid explanations.

The techniques that I have personally identified along my way as the most efficient to regain and reaffirm my own state of psychophysical balance, have later become the main pillars of my work with others and are listed on the following pages.

Over the years I have also connected with an interdisciplinary network of competences bordering on mine, so that people seeking for major wellbeing can find professional 360-degree help. Some of the complementary therapeutic aspects that I consider most alligned with my personal vision of health are clinical bio-nutrition, psychophysiology, homeopathy, acupuncture, mindfulness and neurofeedback.